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It all started when…

Adam Blish has been a Product Designer with the dream of helping the world become an easier place through design.

After interning for a handful of start-ups, Adam graduated from Otis College of Art + Design with a degree in Product Design in 2017. His first job was with Richard Branson's latest space endeavor, Virgin Orbit. As a Product Designer there, Adam helped develop a packaged product line for the business to deliver to customers as well as overall brand strategy for this brand spankin' new company. One strategy Adam initiated was to develop a Virtual Reality tour for the company, which had a huge success with customers and aerospace enthusiasts alike.

Adam has since started his own product design consultancy, Stray Design Studio. With the help of other design and tech designers and developers he's worked with along the way, Adam now serves the Greater Los Angeles area with a variety of design services.

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